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Photo Editing Services & Graphic Design Services Company | About us
Pixelite3D is a corporate identity design company. Offering affordable logo design, photo retouching, background remover, photo editing & graphic design services.
graphic design services, affordable logo design, photo editing services, corporate identity design, photo retouching services, image background remover
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About Us

Growing | Updating | Learning


We are a creativity lover who won’t breath without it. We are excited about the cooperation with good people and organizations in order to offer exceptional customer-specific solutions.

About Me

At Pixelite3D, we provide best Graphics Design services.

-> Pix means Photo –
Which represents our photo editing related services.

->Elite means Superior in Ability – We want to be best service provider in our field.

-> 3D Represents Latest Technology –
We always provide our services with latest trends.

Our tag line is “ Decorate Your Dreams with Our Design.” Which shows our readiness to work.
Our Tagline’s initials are also represents 3D word in general.

About You

Related to your design work we provide guaranteed satisfaction.

Pixelite3D is a one stop solution for all kind of Graphics Design work. We provide
almost all graphics related services . We also provide printing solutions as an optional service to them. So they don’t
have to go outside, once they made design with us. We create unique graphical design for our clientele to deliver an exact
idea about their designs. We also provide Software training for Corporate Clients / Owners related to their business so
they don’t have to depend on others.

What We Do?

Our abilities are specific and calibrated. We are proficient in building Brands to increase and strengthen the organizations.

We  Make  Pixel  Perfect  Designs !

Graphic Design Training Gandhinagar

Brand Design Company Ahmedabad

We Provide Rich and Unique Brand Design Solution to Our Clientele.

Our goal behind started this company is to become perfection specialist in our Brand Design and Graphic Design services locally and globally. We are fortunate that we are working in designing field since last 3+ years with adding knowledge to our skill-set every day.
Here we provide Creative Design & Vector Creation Services nationally and internationally. Vector creation includes Logo Design, Brochure Design, Branding Design, Advertising Design and Info-graphic Design. We are located at one of the major city in India called Ahmedabad. We have worked with varies businesses like IT Industries, CAD Industries, ISP Providers, FOOD Industries, FINANCE Industries, HOME Furnishing, BOUTIQUE and many more.

Our aim is to provide best graphic design solution locally in Ahmedabad and across whole world.


Our Approaches That Makes Us Different

We understand design plays an imperative role in our lives. A good design conveys a right message effectively and contributes a lot to the growth of any businesses. Hence, we have catered our processes mainly in following phases.


Understand client offering and competitive market. Analyze their business goal and objectives to create a design for an effective campaign.


In this critical thinking phase, we build a conceptual strategy based on the research and data gathered. Conceptualize design based on client offering.


Implement the strategy and develop color, look and feel of the design. Present sketches for client review and the discussion.


Create the design in the final format of graphics for media outputs or presentation, print production, online integration, etc.