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We provide CorelDRAW training in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar.

In this training, we focus on the widely used drawing tools, techniques and various tips used in CorelDRAW. We start with the basics like creating simple text and shapes, fill and stroke, arrange and resize objects, grouping-ungrouping and other topics in details. We have designed this class as any student / professional can easily learn these techniques and apply in their respective field professionally.


Let's Start

1st rule to get success is ” To Start ” whether you’re a Student or a Professional. We provide CorelDRAW training in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar in a way that once you start it becomes easy for everyone to learn and then anyone can go further with the creative journey. Our methods and techniques are easy to understand for any technical or non-technical persons. We have specially designed our course with this core objective so that everyone can get benefits from our training.


Focus On Practice

Once we start with the training the 2nd rule for success is “Focus On Practice”. Most of the time students give proper attention on training and also do remember the complex techniques very easily. But sometimes when it comes to practice they won’t take it seriously. To take care of this thing, we give them projects on different topics every day and check them regularly. By doing this they being focused on their learning process and become ready for a bright future.


Maintain The Quality

The last but most important 3rd rule is to “Maintain The Quality”. One you learn CorelDRAW in depth now you can work for any printing industries. For working with the industries you have to maintain quality in terms of Understanding the Depth of Work, Work Perfection, Client Satisfaction, Timely Delivery of Work. During the training sessions, we go through all these aspects and talk about the importance of this. Because after learning the software we only have to work with freelancing project works and different industries.


Outstanding Support

In Pixelite3D we try to establish a connection between company  and students with an exceptional design concepts and innovative techniques by implementing creative ideas into virtual reality with the help of designing software.

Do you want a team that always supports you in every need?

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  • Hands-on practical training using latest tools and software
  • Job oriented, industry centric curriculum
  • Placement assistance
  • Freedom to express your imagination
  • Small batch size
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Learning from basic to advanced level
  • Lifetime membership


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